Tratado Material I

Tratado Material (Material Treaty)
are Frida Robles (MX), Oscar Cueto (MX) and Ramiro Wong (PE).

The collective builds containers where works by other artists are exhibited. They are interested in reflecting on the objectuality of art and its consumption. For “Material Treaty I”, the collective will build a shelf for twelve fruits and vegetables and invite the same number of artists to design a label, sticker or packaging for a fruit or vegetable of their choice. There are twelve pieces of each fruit or vegetable, as well as an edition of twelve originals for each sticker. Each fruit or vegetable costs 10 euros or can be exchanged for something of similar value if the artist and collector so choose.

Invited artists: Balám Bartolomé (MX), Belén Rodríguez (PE), Cristina Ochoa (CO), Davis Birks (US), Helen Weber (DE), Ivie Isibor (AT), Jithinlal n r (IN), Jürgen Münzer (AT), Kyungrim Lim Jang (KR), Michael Prado (PE), Paula Flores (MX), Stefan Wirnsperger (AT)

Softopening 30.8.2022 5 – 9 pm
Duration 31.8. – 3.9.2022

Pictures of the Exhibition

Copyrigth Tratado Material

Tratado Material are Frida Robles (MX), Oscar Cueto (MX) and Ramiro Wong (PE)

1.- The value of matter is not the object.

2.- The value of matter is not surplus value.

3.- The pursuit of surplus value has resulted in an immeasurable population of objects.

4.- The economic performance of the object is generally speculative.

5.- Artistic work is not necessarily marketable.

6.- The artistic object is not a necessary, yet indispensable product.

7.- The material also proposes.

8.- Networks can generate force outside the scheme of capital, even when they are proposed by artists.

9.- There is no treatise without axioms.

Our mutual value is for us the value of our mutual objects [or not even].

Karl Marx