Tratado Material I

Material Treaty I

Softopening 30.8.2022 5 – 9 pm
Duration 31.8. – 3.9.2022

Tratado Material are Frida Robles (MX), Oscar Cueto (MX) and Ramiro Wong (PE)

1.- The value of matter is not the object.

2.- The value of matter is not surplus value.

3.- The pursuit of surplus value has resulted in an immeasurable population of objects.

4.- The economic performance of the object is generally speculative.

5.- Artistic work is not necessarily marketable.

6.- The artistic object is not a necessary, yet indispensable product.

7.- The material also proposes.

8.- Networks can generate force outside the scheme of capital, even when they are proposed by artists.

9.- There is no treatise without axioms.

Our mutual value is for us the value of our mutual objects [or not even].

Karl Marx