Mariana Rebola & Zachari Logan

Curated Intermezzo by Denise Parizek

Opening 29.11.2022 4 – 8 pm
Talk with Mariana Rebola & Zachari Logan
“A Natural History of Unnatural Things” Zachari Logan Book Presentation

Opening Hours
30.11. – 2.12.2022 4 – 7 pm

Mariana Rebola

Mariana lives and works in Lisbon. Here, her work consists of collages juxtaposing collected objects and archival imagery with stills of her own performative, ephemeral actions. In dimensions varying from pocket-sized to a portable table, leftover traces meet precious new findings. Metal, paper and natural gems are combined in germinal compositions, conveying the involvement of landscapes along the psychological strain of shrinking or bloating the body to both squeeze into sheltered spaces and hold an isolated magnitude.

Zachari Logan

Nomenclature, site specific wall drawings:

The title Nomenclature refers to the actual formation of these drawings; the creating of new form out of experience, memory and recollection. With this simple gesture of silhouetted drawing in graphite on gallery walls, each individual botanical is named in its rendering; it comes into being in the exercise of recollection, a personal classification of visualized memory. These drawings are meditations on the ephemeral qualities of existence and perception of time. We are here and then we are gone, a notion the pandemic brought to the fore of my practice in relation to image and material. The drawings are meant to exist physically for a short period of time and then be covered over; in effect to haunt the walls.

This series began at the outset of the pandemic, As a component of a public exhibition in the fall of 2020, this series has connected every exhibition since. The Nomenclature Series has been included in the following public exhibitions; The Disappearing Sky, Art Gallery of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario; Shadow of the Sun: Ross Bleckner & Zachari Logan, Wave Hill Museum & Botanical Gardens, Bronx, NY (May-August 2021); Ghost Meadows, Remai Modern, Saskatoon, Sk. (Aug 2021-Jan 2022); Remembrance, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem MA, (May 2022-May 2023).

A Natural History of Unnatural Things, by Zachari Logan. (2021, Radiant Press)

“At times intimate and diaristic, at others raw and abrasive, Logan’s poems insistently blur the boundaries between reality and dreamscape, drawing the reader deeper into a richly evocative, perceptual realm. Line after line, each poem weaves a web of alternative relativities where human and non-human are enmeshed, inescapably caught in awesome interdependency. Recurring figures, circumstances, and conversational fragments outline an existentialist journey where materiality exudes desire. Logan’s ability to tease the numinous out of the mundane is only one of the many gifts pressed between the pages of this book. As time and space collapse into a universe of visionary landscapes, one becomes aware that Logan’s poetry belongs to the kind that forever changes the reader’s perspective on the world. An experimental take on romantic post-humanism, A Natural History of Unnatural Things has its roots firmly planted in the dirt as its tendrils soar towards the sky, where waxy blooms and nectarine delights remind us that every minute in life is well worth savoring.”

— Giovanni Aloi, author of Lucian Freud Herbarium (2019, Prestel) and Speculative Taxidermy: Natural History, Animal Surfaces, and Art in the Anthropocene (2017, Columbia University Press)