a project by Cristina Calderoni and Chiara Campanile

Soft Opening 20.10.2021 6 – 9 pm
Duration 21.10. – 30.10.2021
Öffnungszeiten / Opening Hours Thursday & Friday 3-7 pm / Satruday 11 – 2 pm
und nach Vereinbarung / and by appointment



It happened suddenly for a series of chained and
almost absurd, events. There was immediately
confidence as if they already knew each other.


The idea for this project started developing during the time Cristina Calderoni and Chiara Campanile shared a flat in Vienna. The arranged curtains the two artists created, transformed and characterised their period of cohabitation, inspiring the works for this exhibition.
Curtains are visible from the outside, creating a connection between indoor and outdoor. With their layer of fabric, they separate our home from the rest of the world, acting like an eyelid for the house. Curtains are also the way we choose to frame our view of the world outside, they say a lot about our personalities, taste, and social condition.
Tape develops inside gallery 12-14, creating a temporary yet flexible space. Although the word tape is generally associated with the concept of repairing, here it is intended as a constructive tool; an impermanent glue capable of forming a structure. The installed fabrics allow the light to filter though their different thicknesses and transparencies, transforming the gallery into a refuge, or a temporary home.
The wool scraps utilised were gifted by the Lanificio Paoletti, located in Follina, Italy. Each piece of fabric that they supplied, retains its own specific identity, linked to the manufacturing process, production phase and the specific historical context in which it was conceived. Each scrap of cloth is therefore imbued with its own memory. Some rests of processing are characterised by long threads that connect two finished pieces of textile. Those threads are a consequence of the pauses while weaving the fabric itself, becoming a visible metaphor for relationships, in which silence, exchange, dialogue and distance visually materialise.
The two artists created from the same materials, but in different spaces and cities.
Cristina Calderoni worked in Italy inside an industrial space part of the Lanificio Paoletti, as her multidisciplinary research is of nomadic nature. Her work is characterised by site-specific projects and the use of recycled materials, following the social and environmental dynamics. Her research starts from the place she is in and the people she meets.
“Within my poetics, assembling remains of everyday life becomes an action to create thoughts”.
Chiara Campanile worked in Vienna. Her research focuses on the different aspects of light and colour, on the relationship between reality and perception, and on the visual and mental processes that can generate abstract thoughts. She is interested in the interdisciplinary aspects of it, and uses colour as a tool to initiate a dialogue between various disciplines.
“Each cut on the fabric connects and changes the relationships between all its components, it is a small window”.

The works meet and dialogue for the first time in the space of gallery 12-14, Schleifmühlgasse, 1040 Vienna.

Pictures of the Exhibition

Photocredits by Chiara Campanile e Marthin Rozzo

Curriculi Vitae

Cristina Calderoni is an Italian artist. (b. Ravenna, 1990)
Since 2013 she has regularly participated in art exhibitions in Italy and abroad.
In 2015 she graduated with honors in Visual Arts and Performing Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.
From 2016 to 2018 she participates in national and international artist residency programs such as; Dolomiti Contemporanee (IT), La Fragua (Belalcazar, Cordoba ES), Encosta (Ilha do Mel, Curitiba BR), and started a collaboration with the gallery 12- 14 artist run space in Vienna (AT).
In Vienna she has also exhibited at das weisse haus and participated at the Dopust festival.
This year, she exhibited a site-specific public work at Montebelluna, which can still be visited today.
She currently lives and works in Italy.

Chiara Campanile is an Italian artist who lives and works in Vienna.
She graduated in 2021 in Art and Science at the Universität für Angewandte Kunst, and in 2015 in painting and performative arts at the Academy of fine arts in Venice.
Between 2019 and 2020 She took part in different residencies such as Dolomiti contemporanee, (IT) and Border Collie, in Slovenia.
Between 2015 and 2017 She won prizes such as the 99th Bevilacqua la Masa in
Venezia, and the special prize at Combat, Livorno (IT).
Between 2017 and 2020 took part in different exhibitions such as origin poetics, in ghent (BE), Mubilia, at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) of Lissone (IT), Parallel, in Vienna, and has exhibited at the Particle Accelerator CERN in Geneva.

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