Josepha Blanchet​ / France​ ° Lisa Birke​ / Canada​ ° Paula Flores​ / Mexico​ ° Dragos Hanciu​ / Romania​ ° Tina Kult ​/ Germany/Russia​ ° Michael Koch​ / Vienna​ ° Borjana Ventzislavova​ / Bulgaria​ ° Denise Schellmann​ / Vienna ° Peter Varnai / Hungary​

On a proposal by  Michael Koch & Denise Parizek

Sommerloch is a 24/7 show in which art short films by internationally renowned artists are shown.

Michael Koch foils the large shop window and leaves a quasi peephole through which the art films can be viewed. Since we have an Café Cairo / Parklet by Oscar Cueto & Tiberius Stanciu in front of the door in summer, visitors can also take a seat and let the films take their toll.

Sommerloch ist eine 24/7 Show in der Kunst Kurzfilme von international renommierten Künstler.Innen gezeigt werden.
Michael Koch foliert das große Schaufenster und lässt ein quasi Guckloch frei, durch das die Kunstfilme betrachtet werden können.

Pictures of the exhibition

Photocredits by Michael Koch & Mute Insurgent 2020

Josepha Blanchet °

the lace
3:55 mn, video

The choreography of a woman and a lace. Tension and release. A deep breathe suspended.

Lisa Birke °

12 min, single-channel digital video

Challenging expectations and subverting gender tropes, a performance-for-video lays bare problematic symbolic messaging embedded in popular culture and cinema through a parody of the unflinching walk in four explosive vignettes.

Paula Flores °

Dragos Hanciu °

co-directors Andrei Inizian & Robert Braga

Tina Kult °

Medium: animation / length: 3’38 / year: 2014 (new version with subtitles 2020)

girls_2 is an animation film, which deals with the lives of the so called „russian-germans“ („Aussiedler) in Germany. Growing up as a woman in this multi-cultural family, the artist was herself confronted with many clichés and prejudices. The film is on the one hand a trip to find the origins of this stereotypes and who is actually fullfilling them, but it is also a journey in to her own past.

Michael Koch °

Against the Stream there are boats and boats

This clip was made during an artist in resident programm in the summer of 2018 in Romania. It was a little side project to my actually work there. The camp was called Offline because it was off the grid in any possible way, organized by Mirela Vladuti, an art curator from Timisoara.

At this time there were all sort of artist people at this hotel, mainly from the south-east of europa. The place a nice and new but deserted hotel with a lot of rooms. This hotel is a waterfront building at the Danube and the building itself directing with his main side to the river. During my stay I watched Serbia every day The river shore of the other side was in Serbia and more likely a National Park of Serbia. Very little signs of human living I have seen there during my stay. The Main topic of this video is also not very complicated! My camera on the Romanian shore, filming the boats on the Danube passing by, and in the background on the other side, Serbian forest as far as you can see. Lovely environment very meditating What makes this little clip interesting is when the boat gets in the picture and all of a sudden this quite stages in the environment talking with each other much louder while this good looking boat and his streamlined future kiss technique cargo passing by. What is this river, what is the water, what ́s in the water, what ́s the other side, how ́s the future, how ́s the nature, how we all doing. A lot of talking a lot of asking questions while the boat passing by and vanishing on the other side.

Michael Koch 2021

Borjana Ventzislavova °

The work of the artist Borjana Ventzislavova represents a post-pandemic program for a transformed post-capitalist progressive Europe and an internationally active world. The redistribution of wealth, an economy beyond capitalism, a welcome-migration policy, transparency, dignity, self-determination and solidarity are just some of the points of the new programme that are presented and are in the process of being implemented.

Denise Schellmann °

In my video performance I demonstrate several intimate episodes of experimental research to find stability in the space inbetween art and science.

Peter Varnai °