Dein Sandwich ist meine Semmel

Cornelia Dorfer & Lily Lake

Vernissage 05.09.2019, 7 pm
Ausstellungsdauer / Duration: 06. – 27.09. 2019, Thu-Sa 11 am-2 pm.

Positions on plastic.
Hold, freeze and reconstruct.
Mixed media installations.

With: Clemens Denk, Natalie Eva Ofenböck and Bernhard Weber.
Opening speech: Ramón Reichert

Postions on plastic
And humandkind

Hold, freeze and reconstruct.
Mixed media installations.
Many negative sides and consequences of plastic production are widely known. But what are the sociological and cultural-anthropological implications? The history of technology and its innovations has always been linked to the cultural history of humanity, too. Plastic can be vital, plastic can be wasteful. Plastics can be in and with art itself: computers, devices, erasers, acrylic paint, music instruments – and this raises a moral-ethical question: Who is allowed to do plastic – when and in what context?
Living on different continents but still in a similar, postindustrial, globalized and capitalistic world, Cornelia Dorfer (* 1983) and Edward E. Kijowski als Lily Lake (* 1986) explore plastic conditioned mainstream phenomena, their constructions and representations about the mass media and how they interact with people in the past, present, and future.
Here, the perspective is not critically evaluative but rather documentary: Collective and personal memories of cultural techniques, everyday rituals, trends, secularization processes, object fetishisms, constructions of stereotypes including defamation – or just simple dream sequences of a partially massively overwhelming media world are held frozen and are reconstructed or further transformed.
This exhibition brings together selected works like mixed media objects such as 3D printed objects combined with wire or acrylic glas, textile photographic works, or so-called „everyday assemblages“ from various (found) materials like chocholate, with and as small photographs.
In addition, these approaches are extended by sound experimental, literary (Clemens Denk, Natalie Ofenböck) and olfactory (Bernhard Weber) contributions.

Opening speech: Ramón Reichert
Text Cornelia Dorfer & Lily Lake

Ohne Titel (together), 2019 Bernhard Weber

Installation: plastic cup, hedion, ethanol, mirror, 23 x 23 x 5 cm

In interaction with ethanol, a synthetic aroma chemical (hedion) decomposes a plastic cup.
Hedion is the only fragrance proven to activate human pheromone receptors. The effect can be described as a subtle enhancement of the already existing mood between two or more individuals.

Pictures of the Exhibition



Photocredits Mute Insurgent 2019

A gateway from heaven
to hell‘s finest places
lovely gracious
progressive paralysis
in uncoded poetic moments

a link in a loved one‘s dream
stuffed with ice cream

pink dappled eyeballs
may kill zombie hearts
plus, just in case
turquoise diamonds that fill up
fresh and flesh wounds
and self-laceration

a thousand commitments to super glue
to dive into
and find a solvent

patience made out of velvet
agonal kitten‘s sounds
creature features
and birds on fragile blossoms

a suitcase of
pleasure measures
purring souls
puking minds

Save Nemesis and
probably reproduce her

As often as you can