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Pieter Gabriel – Tanz den Overrun

Tony Renaissance

Philipp Quehenberger


Philipp Quehenberger:
Pieter Gabriel            :
Tony Renaissance   :

The purpose of this project is to provide music with a further access to the dialogue space between art recipients and artists within the gallery “12-14 contemporary”.
The music performance is to reflect the impression of a tour of the exhibition, just as with Modest Mussorsgky.
The musicians meet the artists either before or shortly after the opening of their exhibition and find in conversation the common creative basis which then forms the base for the composition process.
Each exhibition lasts about a month, in between the composition is presented in the gallery.
On the one hand, this multi-disciplinary event should help the gallery as well as the musicians to reach more audience and to contribute to the cultural wealth of our city.

Der Zweck dieses Projektes ist mit Musik einen weiteren Zugang zum Dialograum zwischen KunstrezipientInnen und Kunstschaffenden innerhalb der Galerie “12-14 contemporary” zu ermöglichen.
Die Musikperformance soll den Eindruck eines Rundgangs durch die Ausstellung wieder spiegeln, genauso wie wie bei Modest Mussorsgky.

Die Musiker treffen die KünstlerInnen entweder vor, oder kurz nach der Eröffnung ihrer Ausstellung und finden im Gespräch die gemeinsame kreative Basis die danach die Grundlage für den musikalischen Prozess bildet.
Jede Ausstellung dauert ca. ein Monat, dazwischen wird die Komposition in der Galerie präsentiert.

Dieses sparten-übergreifende Event soll einerseits sowohl der Galerie als auch den Musikern zu mehr Reichweite verhelfen als auch zum kulturellen Reichtum unserer Stadt beitragen.

Pieter Gabriel
Sound performance

25 October 2019, at 8pm

Invasive plants get distributed across the world through a multitude of ways, either by human activity, the activity of other species or by the means of natural forces.
Various modes of transportation may, even by pure chance, carry certain species faster and farther than they would be distributed in nature. 
Pieter Gabriel’s work is instigated upon the invitation of artist Hubert Hasler and 12-14 contemporary, to create a musical interpretation of the photographic and performative project Overrun, which tackles the topic of invasive plants in urban and rural environments.
As a starting point, Pieter Gabriel takes the train as one possible mode of the transportation and therefore the distribution of a seed or plant species. The work consists of a narrative, whose structure is somewhat analogous to the life cycle of an invasive plant – in the beginning, the plant is a seed, carried sometimes by accident over large distances. It grows, starts to look like any other ‘ordinary’ plant, it blooms and goes through its own life cycle. However, at one point it may spread uncontrollably, threatening other useful plants, deeming it invasive. 
The work’s central theme is found in the concept of controllability. It questions the possibility, or rather, the impossibility to fully control an environment and inquires into what happens when we lose control and shift into becoming spectators or witnesses to both our rise and demise.
The work invites the visitors to a meditation on the definition of these outlawed plant varieties and to immerse themselves into a multi-sensory experience joining the sound piece, the visual aspects of the work and the olfactory sensations.

Isidora Krstić

Tony Renaissance

Sound Performance

20.11.2019 Vienna Art Week Special

Gallery 12–14 contemporary: “If the World Has Changed Enough”. Konzert Tony Renaissance (20.11.2019) | | Foto: eSeL

Gallery 12–14 contemporary: “If the World Has Changed Enough”. Konzert Tony Renaissance (20.11.2019) | | Foto: eSeL

Gallery 12–14 contemporary: “If the World Has Changed Enough”. Konzert Tony Renaissance (20.11.2019) | | Foto: eSeL

Through aspects of queer utopian visions Tony Renaissance creates sounds and lyrics to imagine alternative realities through the transformative and connective power of sound and images.
Tony Renaissance’s dark synthesiser sounds, heavy beats and ethereal, bending choral vocals create cathartic electronic landscapes, manifesting desires, anxieties, vulnerability, melancholy, mystical rituals of self-care, radical softness and resistances.

Foto © Inés Ballesteros

Philipp Quehenberger

Live Performance

12.12.2019 8 pm

Philipp Quehenberger liess sich von “Open End”  zu einer Musik inspirieren die Anklänge sucht an die Musik  amerikanischer  Kriminal-  und Horrorfilme.

Über seinen gewohnt mitreissenden Beatrhytmen legte er einen Schleier verunsichernder Synthesizer Effekte so als wollte er uns den sicheren Soundteppich unter den Füssen wegziehen.

Philipp Quehenberger was born in Innsbruck in 1977, grew up in Tyrol (AUT), Seattle (US) and Newcastle (GB). Lives and works as a freelance musician and composer in Vienna, Austria.

Didi Kern, Marco Eneidi, Juini Booth, Marshall Allen, Dror Feiler, Jamaladeen Tacuma, TJ Hicks, Elin, Patrick Pulsinger, Ilpo Väisänen, Alexei Borisov, Mark Stewart, Elise Mory, Mayo Thompson, Aki Onda, Franz Hautzinger, Christoph Kurzmann, Susanna Gartmayer, Martin Siewert, Werner Dafeldaeker, Werner Möbius, Hans Falb, Helmut Neugebauer, Noid, Stefan Geissler, Mario Rechtern, Corey Wilkes, Lenny Kaye, Tex Rubinowitz, Gerhard Potuznik, Ivo Dimchev, Franz West, Sarah Lucas, Gelatin, AO& more

Member of
Quehenberger/Kern, Kern/Quehenberger, Mäuse, Devil Duo, Church Of Carbon, Popular Disease, Voodoo Volt, Blast Of Silence

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