Ossuary – Zachari Logan & Hubert Hasler

Zachari Logan introducing Hubert Hasler

Vanitas, Beauty, Death, Blooming, Growing

Ossuary is a confrontation between different artists and medias.
The installations tries to visualize both story lines, which represent the duality of human existence, relentlessly marching onward toward decay, shaped by the recognition of what life is and the knowledge of inevitable disappearance.
Ossuary, a contemporary transformation of STILL-LIFE, is a confrontation between different artists and medias. 

The still-life installation is a clever take on the morbid, often vanitas-loden visual syntax typical of European still-life painting, a coded vocabulary that rendered fresh flowers, death deer, raw meat, skeletons of flowers as emblems of death. The motif of still-life has undergone a zeitgeist resurgence in the 21st century.

The fragility of life is a potent subcategory within this wider trend, with burning social-political actuality.

Pictures of the Exhibition

The mending bone traces healing
beneath the sinew; re-rooted
in the dirt of oscillation.

The plant-based imagery in this exhibition suggests narrative, material and metaphorical allusions to an absent-body. References to human knowledge of the natural world through botanical illustration are reinterpreted, often surrealistically in form and content, employing a visual disruption of the purpose that this type of knowledge originally held. The uprooted or cut-flowers stand-in for bodies in part or in full, similarly to the way human remains might in an actual ossuary, as a decorative reminder of our own mortality.

                                                                                                                                                                             Zachari Logan
capreoluscapreolus#2 by Hubert Hasler
Hubert Hasler’s work combines photography, installation and performance. The walkways around the gallery will be designed for the opening on 5.4.17 with a lot of flower petals. A very perishable path will point the way towards the gallery for a short duration, associative sensors are formed in the public space, the 2 deer of Capreoluscapreolus # 2 as a sacrifice, thus granting a gentle performance of the brutality of the image a transitory dignity.
A discussion of his socialization in a huntsman family and intensions through the activity with flowers is shown at the exhibition Ossuary in collaboration with Zachari Logan´s dark organic works.