Sommerloch – Michael Koch


Michael Koch featuring friends

Dragos Hanciu ° Lothar Hüttling ° Karl Salzmann ° Astrid Sodomka ° Marcus Zobl

Michael Koch´s intention of SILLY SEASON was taming the deadly dullness of dogs days of summer in Vienna. He invited artist friends to present art videos on an artificial screen, the whole window of the gallery space, designed by himself.

Michael Kochs Intension von SOMMERLOCH war das zähmen tödlichen Langeweile während der Hundstage in Wien. Er lud Künstlerfreund*innen ein Kunstvideos auf einem aussergewöhnlichen Display, der gesamten Glasfront des Galerieraumes, die von ihm gestaltet wurde, zu präsentieren.

Pictures of the exhibition

Astrid Sodomka / Blink Video / 2016

Astrid Sodomka / Windrad / 2016

Astrid Sodomka & Michael Koch / Sommerloch / 2016

Michael Koch / Hide Away / 2016

Michael Koch / Tangente / 2016

Karl Salzmann / Kontrapunkt / 2016

Dragos Hanciu / Brudina / 2016

Marcus Zobl / O.T. / 2016

BRUDINA by Dragos Hanciu

Documentary, 2014

Brudina (a local word defining the floating bridge connecting the shores of a river) is a documentary essay about isolation, loneliness, and destiny. The life of the two protagonists is depicted in recurrent, concise detail, alternating with poetic, deeply atmospheric frames. The film reveals in no more than 17 minutes, a small revolute universe, a narrow world consisting only of the water flow, the two, shores, the movement of the floating bridge, the tension of the anchor chain cables and the gliding movement of the pulleys.

Kontrapunkt  by Karl Salzmann

Video (2 min 39 sec/2014)

Die Gegenstimme wird in der Musiktheorie als Kontrapunkt bezeichnet.
In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird ein Mikrofon als Metapher für die Gegenstimme eingesetzt und so der Versuch unternommen, aktuelle gesellschaftliche Ereignisse zu reflektieren.

HIDE AWAY by Michael Koch

Michael Koch´s poetic summer view, like a kaleidoscope of female clothes in an canadian garden, is kind of meditation. The perfect video to unwind in a hot summer city.

This project deals with the daily surveillance as well as the new codices of the society of the 21st century. Some people believe that codes, created by big brands will replace laws and the traditional structures of our political systems. The artist Michael Koch deals with  technical interventions and political requests combined with visual aperance.

BLINK by Astrid Sodomka

Series of Videos

Astrid Sodomka is capturing reflecting sunlight as visualization of the wind.