Cuando alguien muere siempre se le mandan flores

Cuando alguien muere siempre se le mandan flores

Hubert Hasler

Curated by Oscar Sanchez

Exhibition in progress

If you will visit the passed you have to bring flowers, this is an old mexican quote, kind of motto of one of the corrodes of Los Tigres del Norte, the most well known Narco Band. 

Los Tigres del Norte

Like the corridos by Los Tigres del Norte Hubert Hasler combines the beauty and the death and creates a growing and transforming facet between life and exits. The gutted deers, hanging in the fridge, waiting for being cooked is scary on one hand, but thats a level of life and surviving too, even not common and not good reputed in our common society.

It is a vision of the end of a deadly power struggle which is still being excused with the argument that fighting for reproductive advantage were a natural animal instinct whilst on the other hand man imagines himself as being far superior to the animals and no longer determined by Nature.

The use of a shredding machine as kind of take down at the end of the exhibition, reminds on Fargo, splatter, but on autumn garden work and resurrection as well. The idea arises from the old duality of life and death, living and dying, as a never ending circle of evolution.

Denise Parizek 2016

Presse / Mexico

“Wenn dein Geist stets gänzlich leer ist, wirst du die Reinheit erlangen. Doch denke nicht an sie, sonst verlierst du sie. Verfällst du jedoch wieder der Nicht-Reinheit, so beachte sie einfach nicht, und du wirst wieder frei sein.”

Aus dem Zen-Buddhismus

Pictures of the exhibition „capreolus capreolus 2016“

Photo credit Marcus Zobl

Dank an Blumenkraft & Kleinsasserhof