Unbroken by Cristina Calderoni


Cristina Calderoni

curated by Oscar Sanchez


„In a box you can find gifts, Christmas’s cookies or stories which are not belonging to you anymore. You put the box in a hidden site and you forgot about it.
After accidentally someone else found the box and opened it: This means coexistence of two or more stories inside one identity. 
My attention was caught by this abandoned objects, for understanding I opened the box. 
To disassemble an object means figure out the origin and how it is assembled. 
This understanding allows me to create a new form, kind of a  new life, born from a reinterpretation of past remains.
Inside the gallery these boxes will become mirrors as well as trace of memory from the city of Vienna and other places.“
                                                                                                                                             Cristina Calderoni, 2016

Cristina Calderoni, a young italian artists from Faenza, was site specific working in Vienna and at Schleifmühlgasse 12-14. She used to live nomadic,but for projects she settles down for a period of one month to explore the new city and the artists scene. To go where a possibility of exhibiting exists is a kind of artistic procedure of Calderoni. She inhaled inspirations from the streets, from flea markets and drift shops.
When she found old cookie boxes made of metal she was sure to have the right material for her project:
Metal can be cold, if you touch it it will become warm, like the blood of the person who is touching. Metal can be shiny, but also can look shabby and used, it is reflecting light and sun, the colour is changing through huminity or it exudes a smell of rotten metal. Old cookie boxes are telling stories, about seasons, people, habits, other countries.
Unbolting a cookie box is like opening Pandoras Box, the opener is fullfilled with hope and prospect.
Cristina Calderoni deconstructed the boxes, flattened the metal plates, assembled them in a new style. Objects like half blind mirrors from ancient Venice appeared. At the same time the beholder will be inspired for new stories.
Cristina Calderoni, eine junge Künstlerin aus Faenza, präsentiert am 3.6.2016 ab 19 Uhr in der Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 das Ergebnis ihrer in-situ Recherche in Wien.
Calderoni entnimmt ihre Inspirationen aus den Begegnungen und dem Leben in einer Stadt ihrer Wahr, beziehungsweise ihres Auftrages. Die junge Künstlerin lebt nomadisch, zieht dort hin, wo Galerien ihr die Möglichkeit bieten, eine Ausstellung zu kreieren.
Auf einem ihrer Streifzüge durch Wiens Flohmärkte, entdeckte sie Keksdosen, alte, riechende, rostige, eingedellte Keksdosen.
Unmittelbar war sie von diesem Material gefangen: Metall verändert sich in Wärme, es reflektiert, es verändert sich in Feuchtigkeit, es riecht.
Alte Keksdosen erzählen Geschichten, von Ereignissen, Ländern und Personen. Eine alte Keksdose öffnen erinnert an Pandora, wir assoziieren zuerst Hoffnung, auch wenn wir wissen, dass Laster und Untugenden ebenfalls in der Büchse enthalten sind. Wir nehmen alles in Kauf, nur um einen Blick zu erhaschen. In diesen menschlichen Grundzügen verankert Calderoni ihre Installation.
Sie zerlegte die Dosen in Einzelteile, glättete selbige und bog Platten zurecht, die sie dann als Einzelteile zu einem Ganzen verwandelte.
Es entstanden Bilder aus Metallplatten, aus Keksdosen extrahiert, an blinde venezianische Spiegel erinnernd. Daraus werden wieder neue Geschichten und Einflüsse entsteigen, die von der Künstlerin weiter in die Welt getragen werden, auf dass sie zu neuen Projekten inspirieren.
Oscar Sanchez, Kurator, Autor und Filmemacher aus Mexiko, lud Cristina Calderoni für eine Residency nach Wien ein. Seit Anfang April lässt Calderoni sich von Wien inspirieren. Von Freunden und Bekannten in die sogenannte Wiener Künstlerszene eingeschleust, wagte sie sich schnell aus der gesicherten Umgebung hinaus und zog ihre eigenen Kreise. Unter anderem untersuchte sie diverse Flohmärkte der Stadt. Im Künstlerstatement stellt Calderoni fest, dass für sie persönlich die Verbindung verschiedenster Sinneserfahrungen wichtig ist, olfaktorisch, haptisch, visuell. Die Beschaffenheit von Oberflächen steht gleichwertig neben Ausdünstung und Ausstrahlung.
Artist Statement by Cristina Calderoni
„I strongly believe in the perceptions we feel from the others, meaning “other” as a person, an element, an object, a space. I am including all senses; physical, tactile and olfactory perceptions are the first impression we have when we approach something new. This emotion can be related, in a more intimate way, when I touch the skin (surface) of the other. We can intend the whole space as a skin, an information transfer that creates a contact between the inside and the outside.
A real sharing of informations is the only way to create a meeting of our awareness, related to a specific situation. Here come the importance to work with site specific projects: they can only be understood if located in a determined time and space. As a container shapes the fluid that holds inside, site specific works are created around the shape of a space, embracing their natural skin, tones and movements. I feel my work as a fluid element that thickens from time to time, in a constant evolution, transmuting in a ever going experimentation. This is the reason why I shaped liquid forms, using a broad range of different materials.
The materials I choose are determined by their structural capacity of being molded by the outside weather conditions, beside the actual forming with the hands. The common idea of limit cannot be traces anymore, and the ideological terms of a relations where one of the two subjects becomes an object, transform themselves in a politic love, where politic can be interpreted as the sum of the rules disciplining our social contests and love as a definition of the emotional reactions.“
Curriculum Vita
My name is Cristina Calderoni I am an italian artist. 
In 2015 I graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy, in Fine and Performative Arts. I have a Master Degree in Decoration (cum laude) I studied with Professors Mirella Brugnerotto, Cristina Treppo, Marta Allegri and Carlo di Raco. In 2013 I have a Bachelor Degree in Scenography Design from Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and I studied with Professors Poppi Ranchetti and Fabio Barettin. After my graduation in 2015 I was selected for a fellowship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice as collaborator at didactic work for the Academic Course Contemporary Plastic Techniques by Prof. Marta Allegri. In the same year I win the grant Erasmus+React action key1 from Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, use up for three months and a half at the International Artist Residency La Fragua located in Belalcázar (ES) and in CoMbO an Independent Art space of La Fragua, placed in Córdoba (ES). 
My recently shown work includes 2016 In Transitum LuciSorgenti 9 – Cascia (Perugia) Museo civico Palazzo Santi (IT) 2015 I never saw him again at CoMbO (ES), La Improvisación at La Fragua (Belalcázar, ES), Open-studio Progetto Borca Terraforming project at Dolomiti Contemporanee (Belluno, IT), Oasis artperformancecontemporary at Zonca Art Contemporary Center (Treviso, IT), Rotazioni – In orbita at Art night Academy of Fine Art (Venice, IT), L_Scape symposium of sculpture at Venice Lido (Venice, IT). 2014: Evolution at Ateneo Veneto (Venice, IT), Open studio of Painting and Drawing at Capannone 35 (Forte Marghera, Venice, IT), Terrestri and Prendersi cura di at Art night Academy of Fine Art (Venice, IT). 2013: 97ma Collettiva giovani artisti at Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa (Venice, IT).
2012 I worked with scenography department at Gran Teatro La Fenice (Venice, IT) for two screenplay by Gioacchino Rossini: Inganno Felice and Occasione fa il ladro, as light-designer for a collective event La morte a Venezia at Palazzo Tedesco Campo S.Tomà (Venice, IT), assistant at light-designer for the screenplay Otello at Palazzo Ducale (Venice, IT), internship as light-designer at Gran Teatro La Fenice (Venice, IT). 
In these years I made workshops at 56th International Art Exhibition for the Performance by Maria Eichhorn, Central Pavilion, Arsenale, piece Canvas/ Broush/ Colour June, July, August 2015; at 55th International Art Exhibition Arts Council of Wales – Wales in Venice, Starry a Messenger Artist: Bedwyr Williams – June, July, August 2013; at 55th International Art Exhibition Otherwise Occupied – Palestinian Pavilion, Artist: Bashir Makhoul e Aissa Deebi – May 2013.