wilderness tips – Zachari Logan

Wilderness Tips

Zachari Logan

Vernissage/Opening: 6.September, 2012, 7pm
Ausstellungsdauer/Duration: 7.-29.9.2012

Performance: 14.9.2012  7pm

Workshop for Kids: 15.9. 11 am


   It is in vain to dream of a wildness
    distant from ourselves. There is none such.
It is the bog in our brains and bowels, the
primitive vigor of Nature in us, that inspires
that dream. I shall never find the wilds of
Labrador any greater wildness than in some recess
of Concord, i.e. than I import into it.

Henry David Thoreau,
Journal, August 30, 1856


Pictures of the exhibition:


Wilderness Tips

Landscapes are accounts of both literal time and place. Before they are either of those they are mindscapes. Whether imagined or observed they evoke the weight of identity. In previous work, my body maintained the singular pose or character of a glyph. A sign that portrayed an idea or construction. Not a portrait, in the individual sense, these theatrical “poses” imagined a world unto themselves. Still the catalyst, my body is present within Wilderness Tips but ceases to be the sole focus. This shift in representation is transformative, towards creating images that posit intuitive mood rather than theatrical extravagance. The title, a nod to a book of short stories by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood Wilderness Tips (1991) explores ideas of language as survival within the spectre of wilderness, a terrain that in actuality is the unravelling of the lives of her characters. Through the spectacle of plant and animal life and the ambiguity these manifestations impart, I become a spectator as well, imagining my own body not outside nature, but an allegorical aspect of it.







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