I ° See You

Intervention by Yumi Watanabe & Shinpei Takeda

2.11.2018 7 pm Vernissage
Duration 3.11. - 10.11.2018

Vienna Art Week Special

Hidden Paradise

Ciprian Bodea, Cosmin Fruntes, Andrei Rosetti, Sorin Scurtulescu

21.11.2018 7 pm Vernissage and Round Table Talk with Ileana Pintilie and the artists

Duration 22.11. - 01.12.2018


The Influencers Group Show

Agnes Hamvas, Maria Grün, Astrid Sodomka, Benoit Gob, Michael Koch, Bojana
Stamenkovic, Tiberius Stanciu, Franz Wassermann, Marcus Zobl

5.12.2018 7 pm Vernissage

Duration 6.-22.12.2018



1. Mai bis 30.September 2018

WORKSHOPS FOR CHILDREN by Maria Grün und Astrid Sodomka

12-14 ABROAD 

Agnes Hamvas, Mina Antoneva, Lori Blondeau, Oscar Cueto, Maria Grün, Edgar Honetschläger, Michael Koch, Franz Wassermann a. m. m.

°Road Show
Agnes, Hubert, Michael Koch, Bojana Stamenkovic, Amalie Atkins
Timisoara, Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Vienna
26.2. - 4.3. 2018

°SWAB 2018 Barcelona

Maria Grün, Yumi Watanabe, Michael Koch, Shinpei Takeda

°ART IN A SUITCASE Muggia / Italy

Astrid Sodomka, Franz Wassermann a.m.m. curated by Vasja Nagy

°Alles über Frieden / All about Peace
Agnes Hamvas, Hubert Hasler, Michael Koch, Esther Strauss, Franz Wassermann, Agnes Varnai, Peter Varnai, Szusza Szegedi, Emilia Jagica, Andras Nagy
Cooperation with ACF Budapest
May 2018