Utopia de una Transformación

Humanism, Human Rights and Gender Violence

Vernissage 4.12.2020
Duration 5.-30.12.2020

Curator Luciana Esqueda
Co-Curator Denise Parizek

Artist Vienna
Guadalupe Aldrete Drawings / Performance ° Paula Flores Installation ° Bojana Fuzinato-Stamenkovic Weaving Installation ° Vera Klimentyeva Icons ° Isidora Krstic Video Installation °
Jelena Micic Light Sculpture

Artists Mexico

Beatriz Canfield Vídeo ° Blanca Villeda Text ° Claudia Esqueda Image ° Claudia Pérez Pavón Image ° Jackie Cambell Investigation ° Jacky Muniello Photo ° Katia Esperanza Tirado Vídeo
Laura Rios Vídeo ° Lucila Flores Vídeo ° Lily Dabdoub Investigation ° Maribel Portela Image ° Marieta Bracho Image ° Patricia Soriano Image ° Sandra G Hordoñez Vídeo ° Selma Guisande Vídeo
Tulia Berdejo Vídeo ° Alejandra Saavedra ° Xóchitl Rivera Vídeo

Side Show
Lectures, Talks, Workshops, Screening Manifesto Magazin

Vernissage / Presentation of Manifesto Magazin and performance by Gabriele Luciani 4. December 2020 19 Uhr

Movie Screening 10.December, 2020 19 Uhr
Josepha Blanchet ° Lisa Birke ° Luciana Esqueda ° Tina Kult ° Denise Schellmann, ° Borjana Ventzislavova

Duration 05.12. – 30.12.2020

24/7 Art-Window

Utopia for a transformation

Project by Luciana Esqueda

Multidisciplinary Artist Research on the resurgence of violence that currently exists in the world on women and vulnerable groups. The project arises from the observation of our current society, development and changes throughout history, in terms of female participation and inequality. I have to mention that today not many countries have contemplated these changes of the current feminine condition, whether by culture, traditions, religions submission. The worrying thing is that first world nations they are not exempt from these problems of violence against female. The recent importance contemplates protecting these rights at the international level, only 60 years after establishing The Human Rights. In turn the recent emerging of the concept of gender equity, which will be seen by the most needy, this group includes women, elderly, sick and migrant children, where laws, social programs and other institutions are created for the protection of these vulnerable groups. It can be said that we live in a barbarism updated by the evolution of violence and abuse in these unprotected groups, since these institutions and supports are not prepared to face the problems due to lack of economic and educational political support of society and its representatives. Supported by international policies without interest neither for reality nor of the true current situation of these groups. Therefore I fell the necessity and importance for realizing a project about violence and trauma of women generally and all in-between gender. Working on this current society and the contemporary vision of women who actively work with tools of their profession in the vindication and assessment of these changes and new visions of the environment. Many of them live the social and system harassment in being undervalued and constantly subject to review in terms of their abilities and find possible errors in their performance to be dismissed, unlike men, in the work and professional environment.
Or they are still living with a trauma, not being able to cope with it. Inside me the need arises (from my feminine point of view) to organize a group of women artists and researchers, historians, scientific sociologists, etc. for the development of this international project. Presenting the Femino Hoy project with the contemporary actuality. Assuming our role of radical changes in our society for a vision of the feminine utopias. That is why I find it important to generate spaces and opportunities to share our work and our knowledge to society; It is not a feminist practice in itself although the foundations of these actions are close to feminism and where there is a lot of lack of education about feminism, both for men and women.

I feel it as responsibility and duty to work on the project about female and transgender murder, war trauma, abusement, rape and violence. It is also the commitment to activate the conscience of the population and of the environments for the development of the culture and education of the population of both men and women regarding their own rights and respect for the ideology custom and culture of each person of our planet. Regarding the subject, I also find it important to take this into account to focus on a social action, which is not only in pieces of art or interesting research, but that the contents also allow us to speak or emphasize the violence that exists.

Currently worldwide as well as for women and men, especially for other sectors of the population that require a lot of attention, these groups live in a submission by the powers and the lack of integral support of real projects that work to enforce the rights as people. Workers, single mothers, students that many are being victims of violence of different kinds and even death, especially in Central America and South America, in the Middle East the barbarities of war, slavery today marks the higher number in number of people held in this situation throughout the history of civilization, including trafficking in persons. Even in Austria 19 women has been murdered, mostly by their husbands or partners, always family connected. This is where art can serve as a tool to talk about this situation and serve as reflection and inclusion to the public to create direct action in society and where research can give visibility to new media, where society is transformed to achieve a better environment. In society I believe that with different and complex paths we can try to change these visions or processes of society to develop a truly avant-garde thought that shows ways to solve these problems or at least trying to understand as a society how error or failure of the political system and education can be eliminated.