Dein Sandwich ist meine Semmel

Cornelia Dorfer & Lily Lake

Vernissage 05.09.2019 7pm
Ausstellungsdauer / Duration: 06. – 27.09. 2019

Positions on plastic.
Hold, freeze and reconstruct.
Mixed media installations.

With: Clemens Denk, Natalie Eva Ofenböck and Bernhard Weber.
Opening speech: Ramón Reichert

°° °°°°°°°°°°°°°° °   ° °°  °

A gateway from heaven
to hell‘s finest places
lovely gracious
progressive paralysis
in uncoded poetic moments

a link in a loved one‘s dream
stuffed with ice cream

pink dappled eyeballs
may kill zombie hearts
plus, just in case
turquoise diamonds that fill up
fresh and flesh wounds
and self-lateration

a thousand commitments to super glue
to dive into
and find a solvent

patience made out of velvet
agonal kitten‘s sounds
creature features
and birds on fragile blossoms

a suitcase of
pleasure measures
purring souls
puking minds

Save Nemesis and
probably reproduce her

As often as you can