Memento Mori, glazed ceramics, 2016

Cut Season, glazed ceramics, wooden shelf, metal stand, 2016

Black Milk, glazed ceramics, 2016

Catch Sight of My Moving Image

Catch Sight of My Moving Image, 2013, Installation views, RCA London

Catch Sight of My Moving Image, 2013, Installation views, RCA London

Curriculum Vita Cristina Cojanu 

Cristina Cojanu, 1-2 sentences about my work, 2016

I started as a practicing painter and my sensibility as an artist is definitely a painterly one. Even now when I tend to open up my practice to different mediums (video, installation, making objects), I definitely engage with what I am making from a very painterly, material experience and from within painting’s history. In the past few years, my practice became more organised and structured around one or two concomitant projects, which would lead me to use certain materials. So, I guess, you could say that my practice is painting in an expanded sense. 

It is also not, that I always have a clear idea or a project in my mind and then I go to implement it somehow. No, I am still very chance-addicted and process-based in my studio and I find inspiration as much in my own works, art’s history, as I do in my daily life, my part-time job, my surroundings, my neighbours, friends, family and whatever happens in this world we live in. Sometimes one work series or ‘project’ leads to another one, sometimes I write down ideas, forget about them and I remember them at some later stage. I do work usually with a sort of structure and a more or less vague ‘destination’ in my head. As a mum with a part-time job I need to be very disciplined. This big change, becoming a mum, had definitely a big influence on my works, the scale of my projects and how I go generally about them now. I would say that my works reflect on our time and my surroundings under the guidance of my very subjective interests and tastes. Yet I am dreaming big and I hope that through my works, intentionally or not — you know, all works have their own voice and this is the one that matters —something comes into presence. 

Text Cristina Cojanu

Photocredits Cristina Cojanu, Mute Insurgent