Sarah Ciurysek & Sana Ghobbeh

Opening Launch with Introduction 1st of February, 2018, 7 pm

The second presentation of the circle 2018 are two contemporary female positions, a show connecting Winnipeg with Teheran via Vienna.

Sarah Ciurysek is mainly working in photography, video and installation, examining the relation between human beings and nature. The tight relation between growing and dying, the sensibility of our natural environment and the way how we are treating or abusing it. The works reference graves, life, death, birth, history, archeology, nourishment and is focusing at use of human resources as well.

Sana Ghobbeh´s topic is based on an experience she had 2014 during her residency in Vienna. Sana collaborated with the Syrian artist, also a resident at the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education. (Let´s play 2014). She had to go back to Syria and left her shoes behind, such as trace. Meanwhile left behind shoes became a symbol of flight and persecution.

Politicians nowadays deny climate change and swing to the right - even if it had never been that obvious.
Our responsibility is to compel our respective governments and fellow people to assume theirs.
Sarah Ciurysek Canada
Fold in on itself Exhibition Title
Fell Image Title

These are photos of the bottoms of fallen trees; the root balls at the bottom of the trees start to resemble caves or voids. I've continued my exploration of soil but in this new direction...part of what interests me here is that what was underground has been
unearthed, and what makes us think of depth (roots reaching down into the soil) is now standing up on a vertical plane. I like the simultaneous experience of being grounded by the image, because it's a such a large representation of nature (and a connection to the earth is very important to me), yet there is still something disorienting and ungrounding about them.  In some, there is no horizon, and the image seems to fold in on itself. And again, I am interested in how photos can trigger the body... these are body-sized, sensuous, very material images... yet at the core, there is a nothingness.
Physicality and mortality are intensely brought together. The physicality of these images is partly due to the process of making them: I shot them on a large-format camera in locations across Western Canada, and then I had to travel to Banff to print them in special mural-printing facilities. Printing analogue photos at such a large-scale requires much time and a full-body commitment, in handling the photos and rolling them through the various chemical baths.
Photography Series, 2017 / 40" x 50" inc
Sana Ghobbeh Iran
I left my shoes behind

‘I left my shoes behind’ is a series of photographs taken from a pair of shoes in urban spaces in different EU cities. The idea took shape when the artist had to say goodbye to a friend who was leaving Vienna back to Syria.
Photography Series, 2014-2015